For time immemorial the human race have always want to grow higher. It is nothing to shy away from. Everyone in one way or the other wants to develop better than they were for some certain reasons. It could be to gain self esteem, for promotion like in a workplace or to challenge a fellow and so on. There are plethora of reasons including those with pure/good intentions or bad/selfish intentions. But deep within us for real we all have that inherent love for good. In a nutshell, I am trying to say we all want success. It’s in our nature. It’s one of those things that makes us feel alive. 

Failure is success in progress – Albert Einstein.

It is easier to write down a history  compared to making a history. From the lips of history makers, there is a time when one will regret ever existing because of the humiliations and every form of failures one will face before attaining such heights in the journey. No matter how hot and heavy we feel about this desire, be sure that that mighty courage invested will be fiddled with. But by tackling situations with the right manner I should guess right that things must have turned well positive in the end for these history makers. I can’t speak huge here because I don’t know how high I have achieved. But with the little I could tell, and I believe you (the reader) must have achieved too, it is  promising to say (to those finding it hard to keep it going) that at the very end when your pregnant hussle delivers, you won’t be able to believe your eyes. It interestingly feels good. You know that feeling when you stand akimbo and stare at your unimaginable achievements. The joy is highly nutritious. A masking! Happiness. So let the ON key remain ON.

“No matter the gravity and wind,  a strong tree keeps growing and hardly falls”.

Man have been endowed with the prowess of hortation. I might have not perfectly paint the picture of what I intend to make note here, however, it is not that really blur I think. For sure this is not the first write up on this topic but it’s worth to be reiterated because the mindset or sort of courage to tolerate the storm involved comes and goes. The confidence to withstand it is volatile and can escape unknowingly. I go with the saying that the greatest failure is to never have tried. And no matter the gravity and wind a strong tree grows and hardly falls. Be resilient. We shouldn’t stop because we are tired we should stop when we are done. Goodluck.


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