Certainly childhood is awesome. Everyone misses it. This is because as one grows up the struggle with life gets more rough and tough. This is why some of us wished to never had grown up. We enjoyed those fun-filled free moments. My heartfelt sympathy to those who were not privileged to have experienced it this way. But as much as childhood is fun one’s adulthood is fun too. The thing is, we often arrive the more challenging stage of our life with an empty confidence. There are fears of only you and you alone, that anxietude and frustration without realizing that those who helped us crawl are still standing-by in-case we are about to fall. Believe it or not, they are always there someway. But! Even with that,  I’d suggest we opt for quickly re-registering ourself in such occasions and not allowing them to always do it. That’s because it could turn boring and to our side could culture some form of weakness. I don’t know if you have ever noticed that happy surprising moment when you see a child  still attempting to walk on their own tries to run away from you and in the process falls due to imbalance, but refusing to give up they swiftly! Stand up again and increase the distance, repeatedly and stylishly until they get to their safe haven which is especially the mom or any other chosen bestie.

The theme of this write-up have been in my head for a very long time even before the idea of blogging came my way and also the event below. I will say I was motivated to bring it to page after the occasion.

On the 4th of February 2017, It happened I was privileged to attend the launching of a book authored by my own classmate. Yes, my own and am proud to say it. And in the event a lecture was given by still one of our superb lecturers.  The lecture was highly centered on hard work and diligence. Every bit of words that flowed through him that day was full of energy, highly inspiring. But this line really got my attention, where he said “…when you become successful, people will definitely throw stones at you and so it depends on what you decide to do with the stones. It is either you choose to build a bridge or a wall…” He continued.

Did you feel that flow? How beautifully spoken. It is a hard truth. Ask those who have made it and they will surprise you with unimaginable sad stories behind those beautiful smiles of theirs. We always have this misconception that every smiling successful man is indeed a happy man. That is, no atom of pain have they ever experienced compared to yours at least. Don’t be deceived. Yes.

You see, in the long run, our dedicated efforts will definitely pay well and when it pays don’t be daunted by critics. You can choose to listen to them and work with the reasonable part they have offered. Focus on what is more important, which is to keep moving. Take it that these things are bound to happen. It is a natural reaction; in fact it is part of what make us humans and only but a few have control over vomiting what run in their mind whether good or bad. I  won’t put any further emphases on the quote above. I will prefer leaving you with it to give it your own view as our opinion might not be thesame. As it is popularly said “easier said than done” but as anonymously said also “fake it till you make it”. Just be that unflappable rock! Stay phenomenal. Remain that ebullient person you have dreamt of. #winks


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