For time immemorial the human race have always want to grow higher. It is nothing to shy away from. Everyone in one way or the other wants to develop better than they were for some certain reasons. It could be to gain self esteem, for promotion like in a workplace or to challenge a fellow and so on. There are plethora of reasons including those with pure/good intentions or bad/selfish intentions. But deep within us for real we all have that inherent love for good. In a nutshell, I am trying to say we all want success. It’s in our nature. It’s one of those things that makes us feel alive. 

Failure is success in progress – Albert Einstein.

It is easier to write down a history  compared to making a history. From the lips of history makers, there is a time when one will regret ever existing because of the humiliations and every form of failures one will face before attaining such heights in the journey. No matter how hot and heavy we feel about this desire, be sure that that mighty courage invested will be fiddled with. But by tackling situations with the right manner I should guess right that things must have turned well positive in the end for these history makers. I can’t speak huge here because I don’t know how high I have achieved. But with the little I could tell, and I believe you (the reader) must have achieved too, it is  promising to say (to those finding it hard to keep it going) that at the very end when your pregnant hussle delivers, you won’t be able to believe your eyes. It interestingly feels good. You know that feeling when you stand akimbo and stare at your unimaginable achievements. The joy is highly nutritious. A masking! Happiness. So let the ON key remain ON.

“No matter the gravity and wind,  a strong tree keeps growing and hardly falls”.

Man have been endowed with the prowess of hortation. I might have not perfectly paint the picture of what I intend to make note here, however, it is not that really blur I think. For sure this is not the first write up on this topic but it’s worth to be reiterated because the mindset or sort of courage to tolerate the storm involved comes and goes. The confidence to withstand it is volatile and can escape unknowingly. I go with the saying that the greatest failure is to never have tried. And no matter the gravity and wind a strong tree grows and hardly falls. Be resilient. We shouldn’t stop because we are tired we should stop when we are done. Goodluck.



Certainly childhood is awesome. Everyone misses it. This is because as one grows up the struggle with life gets more rough and tough. This is why some of us wished to never had grown up. We enjoyed those fun-filled free moments. My heartfelt sympathy to those who were not privileged to have experienced it this way. But as much as childhood is fun one’s adulthood is fun too. The thing is, we often arrive the more challenging stage of our life with an empty confidence. There are fears of only you and you alone, that anxietude and frustration without realizing that those who helped us crawl are still standing-by in-case we are about to fall. Believe it or not, they are always there someway. But! Even with that,  I’d suggest we opt for quickly re-registering ourself in such occasions and not allowing them to always do it. That’s because it could turn boring and to our side could culture some form of weakness. I don’t know if you have ever noticed that happy surprising moment when you see a child  still attempting to walk on their own tries to run away from you and in the process falls due to imbalance, but refusing to give up they swiftly! Stand up again and increase the distance, repeatedly and stylishly until they get to their safe haven which is especially the mom or any other chosen bestie.

The theme of this write-up have been in my head for a very long time even before the idea of blogging came my way and also the event below. I will say I was motivated to bring it to page after the occasion.

On the 4th of February 2017, It happened I was privileged to attend the launching of a book authored by my own classmate. Yes, my own and am proud to say it. And in the event a lecture was given by still one of our superb lecturers.  The lecture was highly centered on hard work and diligence. Every bit of words that flowed through him that day was full of energy, highly inspiring. But this line really got my attention, where he said “…when you become successful, people will definitely throw stones at you and so it depends on what you decide to do with the stones. It is either you choose to build a bridge or a wall…” He continued.

Did you feel that flow? How beautifully spoken. It is a hard truth. Ask those who have made it and they will surprise you with unimaginable sad stories behind those beautiful smiles of theirs. We always have this misconception that every smiling successful man is indeed a happy man. That is, no atom of pain have they ever experienced compared to yours at least. Don’t be deceived. Yes.

You see, in the long run, our dedicated efforts will definitely pay well and when it pays don’t be daunted by critics. You can choose to listen to them and work with the reasonable part they have offered. Focus on what is more important, which is to keep moving. Take it that these things are bound to happen. It is a natural reaction; in fact it is part of what make us humans and only but a few have control over vomiting what run in their mind whether good or bad. I  won’t put any further emphases on the quote above. I will prefer leaving you with it to give it your own view as our opinion might not be thesame. As it is popularly said “easier said than done” but as anonymously said also “fake it till you make it”. Just be that unflappable rock! Stay phenomenal. Remain that ebullient person you have dreamt of. #winks



The life of a youth is often swathed in problems. These problems are often encountered in day-to-day living which most of the time can hinder our progress in life if we give in to the circumstances. The word Problem according to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is defined as “a thing that is difficult to deal with or understand”. This basically means dealing with choices of action difficult either for an individual or for society at large. From this sense, it can be deduced that “a problem can also lead to progress”. Oh yes! That’s how I perceive it. I know this statement must beg the question; how? You see, Problems could come in different forms but may exist from two sources. One being “naturally” presented (illness, ambush, and economy etcetera) and the other are being “man-made”, that is to intentionally invent one. Therefore, trying to come up or even coming up with a desire or dream to shape your future is a problem on its own since at first it is “a thing that will appear difficult to deal with or understand” considering every obstacle that could jeopardize this plan. Hence, all problems, irrespective of the source, seek attention for solution. Now, depending on how to decide to deal with these “problems”, the end result can be fruitful, as in lead to a prolific outcome if you decide to deal with them with a positive attitude and with the motive to proffer solutions that can be withholding and beneficial.


Well, steps toward finding Solutions to a problem depend on the magnitude of the problem. Problems could be corrosive and immediate (acute) or mild and prolonged (chronic), which requires a necessary urgent solution or a necessary later solution either way. To some it is a habit at all times to share their problem no matter the kind, recalling the dictum “a problem shared is half solved” while to some they prefer tackling it alone. Notwithstanding, there are problems that do need support from others whom they deem worthy to help where also divine contact is constant. Now, the question is why is it hard for people to help push someone away from a problem?

“imperfection is a beauty, madness is a genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring” – Stephen Chbousky

It is a common experience to us that when we open up our problem to another (not all), they blithely handle it and make you feel more confused unaware, rendering even your initial organization of the whole thing “higgledy-piggledy” except you stand firm. Even if no advice is available to give, at least to show some care, there should be a way of “ironing” the issue to leave it neutral but refreshed. Thus it is suggested, before approaching anybody for some help to a problem, make sure you courageously brainstorm on the issue at hand to come up with strong reasons to keep you moving. (And in the process of presenting the issue it is natural to start realizing more cool ideas or have a filter of your own initial thoughts.) Therefore at any point in time, we should imbibe the culture of listening to each other. Of course no one is perfect but as Stephen Chbosky said “imperfection is a beauty, madness is a genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”.

Looking at it from the other angle, some reasons why people don’t even give a listening ear to our problem let alone suggesting a solution is that, some of us who present with problems checkmating our lives tend to pay deaf ears to solutions proffered by a caring individual. Another reason could be the dilemma of having different opposing suggestions on your shoulders to weigh, which may be as a result of consulting too many persons or the right and at the same time the wrong “therapist” for such type of problem and if in the end one happens to choose what one thinks suits him/her it could provoke more problems, making the right therapist feel insulted or mocked. Also, one will be left at ground zero at the end; not having achieved or resolved anything.


Nowadays in the society, it appears everyone craves for better youths so as to reduce the rate of poor minds toward developing the nation tomorrow. On the other hand, the youths always complain about the government and rely completely on the government to help colour their future instead of focusing to look for the right dots to connect. They sort of prefer to be spoon fed which is a Herculean task for a Government which has so much on her shoulders. This will hinder nation building as the citizens are not doing anything to help the nation progress rather some sit and wail while others sleep on the problems. This attitude leads to nothing. Mind you the government is already furnished and so blaming them all day and year would yield nothing significant in the future lives of the young and old. This should awaken the youth to embrace teamwork – not for destruction though and let the government be the ones in need of you for good. Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

So, when seeking advice one has to do it with care. Some people might end up weighing you down instead of helping you out. Sometimes people with negative thoughts and energy can lead people into crime, distracting them from their career pursuit and catalyzing their downfall. To those who tend to be daunters and have that negative vibe to them and to the society at large, I ask, how then do we become the one mouth nation we crave for? How do we expect to hear of great discoveries from our own irrespective of the country we come from? How do we curtail the loud cry in the land and stop the tears? How do we expect to reduce laziness in the land?

These are questions we need to ponder on and seek within us a light that will brighten the future of our society. We shouldn’t be “gloom factories” in our communities. Adopt! The sense of positivity.

We all have that inherent ability to choose what’s right

Simply, let’s struggle within us to encourage others in any form we can do it best. We should really try to make the right choice or every good out of every problem. Quoting actor Captain Jack Sparrow of the pirate of the Caribbean as saying “the problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem, do you understand?” And also, “The seas may be rough, but I am the Captain! No matter how difficult I will always prevail”. So let’s take the bull by the horn and face our fears. We all have that inherent ability to choose what’s right when making judgments after being struck by a problem. No matter what faith you follow, prayer is the key to every problem. Seek divine help and believe that God’s help is near.

First blog post

First blog post

Feels great indeed to have a blog site. I don’t think I have the right words to express my joy at the moment.

This blog was actually created to share inspirational ideas that may help power our already powered mind. I hope it goes as expected. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step they say. I am not a professional but since it’s good to dream big I look forward to being one someday.